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Chicken of the Sea

Number: 3




Price £8.95
Game Series

Product Description

Theme:      Ancient & Medieval      Magazines and Books      Naval Combat      2 Players     

Chicken of the Sea is a game included in issue #3 of GameFix magazine. It's a wargame simulation of the battle of Drepanum, 249 BC (Rome vs Carthage). The title comes from a rather audacious act of the Roman admiral, Claudius the Handsome. He was told by the official augurs that the portents were not good for a naval battle: "the sacred chickens will not eat." Claudius threw the sacred chickens into the sea, saying "then let them drink."

The game comes with 100 counters representing both ships and informational counters, an 11" x 17" map (28x43 cm), and eight pages of illustrated rules with sidebars. A small game by wargame standards.

The basic sequence is mutual assignment of speed to galleys, Carthaginian ships move then board, and finally Roman ships move then board. Facing is important, ramming, fouling other ships and shearing oars are all possible. Melee fighting is common. There are optional command/control/formation rules.

All in all, fairly low complexity as wargame simulations go.

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