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Age of Dogfights WWI: Main Expansion




Price £29.95
Age of Dogfights Main Expansion D
Age of Dogfights Main Expansion B
Age of Dogfights Main Expansion C

Product Description

Theme:      WW1      Air Combat     

This expansion for Age of Dogfights contains rules and scenarios for airships, observation ballons, barrage ballons, anti-aircraft guns and 27 new types of aircraft from 6 countries.

With it you can find out if it isd feasible to attack with fast Italian planes on targets in the Austro-Hungarian background that is sheltered by barrage balloons and defended with strong anti-aircraft fire. Do the large and slow Russian bombers have a chance against German fighters? What will happen when a mixed French-Serbian squadron returns from a task with low ammunition and encounters a strong Bulgarian patrol?

There are a total of 10 scenarios in the brochure enabling you to ne immersed into the role of a squadron leader on an important task.



- 54 aircraft tokens (27 types from 6 countries)

- 2 Airship tokens

- 18 Observation and Barrage balloon tokens

- 30 control panels

- AA zones

- Rules and scenarios booklet

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