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Caesar in Gallia

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Very Good Condition, Punched Copy. Counter Sheet #1 has been misprinted (remains functional). 

Book Review M. Caffrey & J. Dunnigan

Caeser in Gallia Joseph Miranda

Red Sun Rising: Early Japan T. Kane

Simulation: Caeser In Gallia Joseph Miranda

Caesar in Gallia is a two player wargame covering Julius Caesar's conquest of Gaul. The game is strategic in scale, with units representing Roman legions, fleets, barbarian warbands and allied troops. The mapsheet, overlaid with a hexagonal grid, covers an area corresponding approximately to Britain. France, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain and parts of Africa. An off-board box is used to represent the Italian homeland.

Game components consist of a mapsheet, counters, rules and game charts.

Chosin: The Retreat from the Yalu, 1950 William Wilson

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