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Feudalism & Operation Pedestal (FRENCH RULES ONLY)

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Theme:      Ancient & Medieval      Magazines and Books      Andy's Picks      2 Players     

FEUDALISM : Christo regnante, regem sperante

Feudalism is a card game for 2 players, covering, very loosely, the events, situations and rivalries in the kingdom of France from the end of the 9th century to the end of the 10th century.
After the splitting of Charlemagne’s empire in 3, this period saw the rise of local lords, the end of the Viking lootings and their settlement in Normandy, the terrifying Magyars, the merciless struggles to become (or stay) king and finally the accession to power of a new dynasty with a weak power and few lands, the Capetians.

1. Game components
Each copy of Feudalism includes:
- 110 cards ; divided into 10 King cards, 10 Invasion cards, 90 Actions cards (45 Vassal cards, 45 King cards)
- 1 Map divided in 20 Regions
- 37 counters (6 Disaster, 18 Feudal Revolt, 1 King, 1 Turn, 1 VP player 1, 1 VP player 2, 1 Raid, 5 Viking Settlement, 3 Muslim Settlement)
- “Play money” in 1 Dn and 5 Dn denominations (10 x 1 Dn, 3 x 5 Dn)
- One Rules Booklet

Operation Pedestal is a small solitaire historical game based mainly on die-rolling. The allocation and management of your units allow you to influence the die-rolling. The game is a simulation of the attacks on Operation Pedestal, in August 1942. The Pedestal supply convoy was one of the last chances to prevent the British bastion of Malta from surrendering to the Axis. The player plays the Axis, and must attempt to sink as many ships in the convoy as possible, the tankers in particular.

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