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Hannibal: The Second Punic War

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S&T #141 9/90

Applied Wargaming Matt Caffrey
FYI A. A. Nofi
Hannibal's War John Sutcliffe
Hit the Line John Burtt
If Looks Could Kill
Simulation: Hannibal John Sutcliffe

Hannibal covers the conflict between Carthage and Rome, during the period of 218 to 195 B.C. Each turn represents one year. During each turn, there is in sequence a Diplomacy Segment, a Carthaginian turn and a Roman turn. Basic and Advanced Rules allow customization of gameplay. Strategic movement is performed on the map. When armies engage each other, they are transferred to a Battleboard, which allows for army field positioning and tactical combat. Amphibious Assaults, Recruiting and Promotion on the March, Siege Assault, Naval Combat and Interception, and Neutrals are all part of the basic rules. Tactical Superiority, Roman Battlefield relief, Supply and Attrition, Land Units in naval combat, Limited Intelligence, Blockade, and special rules for Syracuse are Advanced rules.

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