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Admirals' War: World War II at Sea Expansion




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Admirals' War Expansion is a new expansion of the Admirals' War base game that incorporates the Black Sea, new submarine rules, as well as three new counter-sheets full of new ships.

NOTE: Ownership if the Admirals' War base game is required to make use of this expansion.



The new ASW rules account for the historical reality that U-Boats had far greater combat value in '39-'42 than in '43–'45. This has now been incorporated into the game. Each nationality has a deck of cards pertaining to submarine warfare in his theater. The British and German decks, used together, represent the shifting advantage between the U-Boat and the escort. The American deck represents the development of a better (i.e. functionally reliable) torpedo and the Japanese deck deals with the adoption of more effective ASW tactics.


The Black Sea

The new Blcak Sea map expansion is part of the ATO. Gölcük becomes an active base upon Turkish entry. Constanta becomes an active base for the Axis on turn 3. Poti becomes an active Russian (Allied) base on T3. As with other Russian bases, Poti may not be used or occupied by non-Russian units (Exception: 42.352). Before everyone asks, Sevastopol is not represented because it is completely irrelevant in game terms. Control of the Black Sea is worth 1 VP for either side. Also, prior to turn 3, the German player cannot gain VP in the Black Sea from submarines or Hilfskreuzers.


New Ship Counters

Included in this expansion to Admirals' War is enough "what if" to satisfy even the most ardent of alternate history fans. What if the Allies had been more lenient at Versailles, or the Kaiser's fleet had not scuttled itself at Scapa flow? It's in there. What if all the ships scrapped or canceled when the Washington Naval Treaty was signed had actually been built? It's in there. What if the war had gone on longer? Or started earlier? Or later? It's all in there.


Hood's planned sisters...

British N3 battleships...

Bayern and Baden, and their planned sisters...

Kii-class battlecruisers...

Sovetsky-Soyuz-class battleships...

Midway-class carriers...

Montana-class battleships...

South America, Spain, Turkey...

And of course, Plan Z...


All of these, and many, many more - all included on nearly three (!) full counter sheets of new ships.

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