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Very good part-punched copy, content well looked after by previous owner, counters are bagged. Box has some ware/scuffs and old tape marks to it.

Emperor's First Battles includes Austerlitz and Jena-Auerstadt, in which the French Emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte, won smashing victories against the armies of the old regime of Europe. Emperor's First Battles game system is based on the Decision Games' release Napoleon's First Battles. It includes rules for elan, command control, and functional differences between infantry, calvary, artillery and filed engineers. The game also includes updated calvary rules, allowing it to perform historical screening functions. Austerlitz (2 December 1805). Napoleon and the La Grande Armee march into Bohemia to confront the forces of Imperial Russia and Austria. Jena-Auerstadt (14 October 1806). In the year following the French victory at Austelitz, the Kingdom of Prussia declared war on France. The Prussian army, its reputation prized since the days of Frederick the Great, march forth to meet the French in Saxony.

NOW COMBINED WITH EMPEROR’S FIRST IN ONE DELUXE PACKAGE Napoleon's First Battles covers four of Napoleon Bonaparte's earliest battles presented in east, quick playing wargames. Game counters represent the historical regiments, brigades and leaders which actually participated in each battle. The game system is divided into basic and advanced rules including rules for command control, elan/morale and fog of war. Battle of Montenotte,12 April 1796. Having been recently appointed commander of the French Army of Italy, Bonaparte struck boldly between the separated corps of the Austro-Piedmontese army. Arcola, 15-17 November 1796. While Austrian forces under Alvintzy were pinned down blockading Verona, Bonaparte decided on a bold stroke. Marching into the Austrian rear, he attempted to cut off Alvintzy's line of communications. The Pyramids, 21 July 1798. Now in command of France's Army of the Orient, Bonaparte marched deep into Egypt, at the time a nominal province of the Ottoman Empire. Marengo, 14 June 1800. In another of his Italian campaigns, Bonaparte, now First Counsel of France, advanced on Alessandria. For an afternoon, the fate of the Empire hung in the balance, but Napoleon pulled out one of the most smashing victories of his career, defeating the Austrians and forcing their capitulation in northern Italy.

Components EFB: 480 counters, 16-page rule book, 1 player aid card, (2) 22" x 34" maps.

Components NFB: 400 counters, (2) 22" x 34" maps, player aid card, 16-page rule book.