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English Civil War.

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English CW

1st Newbury (TCS)

Counters need to be assembled

Final price: £14.95

Campaigns of Montrose: A Year of Living Dangerously, 1644-1645

This is a two-player game. It depicts James Graham, the Marquis of Mon

Final price: £14.95

Cromwell's Victory: The Battle of Marston Moor. Number 101

S&T #101 New copy, minor warping to game from shelf wear, still in ori

Base price: £24.95
Final price: £20.95
16% discount!

Cropredy Bridge: A Fleeting Victory. Number 148

Regimental simulation of the musket-and-pike era battle fought June 29

Base price: £19.95
Final price: £15.95
20% discount!

Edgehill 1642

Excellent condition punched copy

Final price: £14.95

Holy Roman Empire Expansion 2: Battles of the English Civil War

The English Civil War (ECW) Scenario Pack is intended for use with the

Final price: £20.95

Horse & Musket: Horse & Matchlock (Prologue Expansion) (REDUX)

Designers Sean Chick and Johan Brattstrom have taken the series backwa

Final price: £66.95

Lilliburlero: The Battle of the Boyne July 1690. Number 40

Philip Jelley’s design brings us area movement for the broad area of

Final price: £27.95

Marston Moor

Very good unpunched copy, content is in a very good condition, however

Base price: £29.95
Final price: £21.95
27% discount!

Marston Moor

Very good unpunched copy, content is in a very good condition, No box

Base price: £29.95
Final price: £18.95
37% discount!

Marston Moor. Number 7

Wargamer Vol.1 No.07 Oct 1978. Marston Moor is a simulation of th

Final price: £29.95

Montrose Triumph: the battles of Alford and Auldearn (TCS)

Depicts two battles, Alford and Auldearn,

Final price: £14.95

Musket & Pike Dual Pack

Musket & Pike Battle Series Dual Pack, offering Eleven, yes ELEVEN bat

Base price: £74.95
Final price: £67.95
9% discount!

Naseby: The End of a Reign (TCS)

This one is a game on the last battle of the English Civil War fought

Final price: £14.95

Table Battles: Expansion No. 4 - The English Civil War

The fourth expansion to the popular Table Battles series.

Final price: £22.95

Thirty Years War Battles. Number 332

A grand tactical two player system for simulating battles in Europe du

Final price: £37.95

This Accursed Civil War, 2nd Printing

A tactical battle game featuring five battles from the First English C

Base price: £57.95
Final price: £51.95
10% discount!

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