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Cromwell's Victory: The Battle of Marston Moor

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S&T #101 New copy, minor warping to game from shelf wear, still in original shrink wrapping.

Appointment at Long Marston David James Ritchie
Berg's Review of Games R. Berg
Books in Review Editors
Computer Conflict Editors
English Civil War Brenda Ralph Lewis
FYI A.A. Nofi
Hidden War Nicholas Palmer
MOVES Gaming Section Editors
Simulation: Cromwell's Victory David James Ritchie

Game on the pivotal battle of the English Civil War using the "30 Year's Quadrigame" series sytem from SPI. Victory is determined by killing enemy units and capturing the enemy's camp.

The game includes a 16 page rulebook (covering all aspects of guerilla warfare and resistance combat), 200 counters (representing the units and weapons involved in the conflict) and a 22"X34" map of the City of Warsaw.

Two scenarios are provided: Warsaw Rises! (August 1944 - 4 turns) and The German Juggernaut (September, 1944 - 5 turns). Victory is based on capturing or assaulting various buildings in the city, eliminating enemy units, and (for the German player) maintaining a supply line through Warsaw. Points may also be spent during the game for additional reinforcements. The player with the most victory points at the end of the scenario, wins.

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