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Marston Moor

Number: 7




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Game Series

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Theme:      English CW      Magazines and Books      Pre-Owned     

Product condition: used

Good condition, punched copy.

Wargamer Vol.1 No.07 Oct 1978


Marston Moor (by Bob Pollard)

Marston Moor is a simulation of the largest battle of the English Civil War. Fought in the county of Yorkshire, this battle decided the fate of the North and influenced the ultimate course of the war.



Spotlight: Alma and the Quads - J.Greene

- Wurzburg and Mukden (SPI) - D.Mack
- BattleFleet Mars (SPI) - S.Gibson
- Middle Earth Trilogy (SPI),
Swords and Sorcery (SPI) - C.Wheeler
- Siege of Jerusalem (HistP) - W.Oppenheim
- Mayday (GDW) - C.Reynolds
- Agincourt (GDW) - C.Hunt
- Red Sun Rising (SPI) - C.Hunt

De-Briefing: To Glory We Steer - P.Calcraft
- Frigate (SPI) and Wooden Ships (AH)

The English Civil War: The Road to Marston Moor

Ops. Room: A Desert Rats Playtest

Lowe Profile - E.Lowe
- a Look at recent military developments

Zeroing in on Eylau - R.Vickers

No Land of Sun and Oranges - B.Latter
- Games of the Italian Campaign

Condor: First Impressions - K.Poulter

Victory in the Pacific (AH) - S.Field
- Japanese strategy

SPI's Yugoslavia - C.Ferguson

The Umpire

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