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Emmerlaus: Duel of Mages - Power




Price £8.95
Game Series
Emmerlaus Power 2

Product Description

Theme:      Fantasy     

This is a game of imagination and make-believe. As you are playing, never forget this: you are a great mage of forgotten times. Imagine yourself as what you would like to be. Picture yourself as such.

Each player starts with 50 hit points. During the game if you lose all your hit points and get to zero or a negative total, you are considered dead and must leave the game. The other players keep on playing until there is only one player left.

POWER is one of four expansion packs available of 50 cards ("Abundance", "Communion", & "Destiny" being the others) each which add dimension to the game and greater challenges to the players. While the expansion packs are add-ons, once purchased, you have all the cards in the series.

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