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Hero: A game of adventure in the catacombs




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Theme:      Fantasy     

Very good condition unpunched copy, still in shrink wrap (Thin album box). Due to long time storage this have suffered from foxing and are musty.


Hero is a wild, no holds barred man-to-man (or beast) game on two levels. Players control their own Hero in their portion of the maze as well as monsters in their opponents portion. Each Hero is composed of several categories: Intelligence, Physical Appearance, Class, Strength, Luck, Hits, and Weapons Proficiency. Each of these must be determined by the player from a fixed number of points. To make a Hero super-strong will mean that some other category must suffer (super-strong and a lackwit?). Monsters include such loathesome creatures as trolls, ogres, zombies, goblins, lycanthropes, men, and the horribly alluring succubus. Each has an offensive potential as well as a defensive capability based on the type of creature vs. the Hero's weapon and how mightily he wields it. Your Hero must avoid traps, slaughter monsters, gather gold, and make it to the end of the labyrinth to win the hand of the stunning, voluptuous daughter of the most powerful wizard in the land. If the Hero does not there are always other challenges, unless he has become a Dead Hero.

Thin album box
3 panel folder (Yaquinto catalog), Space Gamer Magazine advertising

Thick album box
Yaquinto price sheet dated "Feb 1 1982", rules booklet marked "Second
Printing, March 1981".

Both editions
12 page rules booklet, card with 3 perforated hero set-up sheets,
2 plastic ziplock bags.

Summary Counter Manifest: 52 3/8" counters, 130 1/2" counters
(9 white, 1 blank, and 3 identical sets of 40 colored red, blue, or green.)

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