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Mars La Tour (Folio)




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Theme:      Franco-Prussian War     

Ziplock Version

Mars La Tour is an introductory-level wargame with plenty of meat on the bone for the seasoned grognard, inspired by Mark Herman’s recent Gettysburg. With a 17x11 large-hex map, less than 32 large counters and pair of 10-sided dice, players can experience the furious battle of Mars la Tour in less than a half-hour, easily played several times in one sitting. The OOB and order of appearances are tweaked for historical effect, representing the French at the corps level with some of their less aware forces starting off-map, while Prussians are represented at the division level with their normal historical appearance.

To explain some of the changes from Mark’s original, a d10 is used for more granularity in combat results (for those times when the modifiers reach +4 to +6), the Prussians win on all ties, French Chassepot fire allows Prussian units to move only once after switching to Battle Formation, Prussians receive an Artillery Bombardment marker to reflect their improved artillery, death-charge rules for cavalry, and finally the French receive a Mitrailleuse fire marker which functions like the Sharpshooter marker from Gettysburg.

Game by Ray Weiss
Original design by Mark Herman
Developed by Matt Ward
Counter art by Ivan Caceres
Map art by Ilya Kudriashov

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