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First Indochina War (Third Millenia)




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 Very good condition un-punched copy

This game covers the 1950-1952 war in Indochina between the Vietminh and the French.

Rules cover the de Lattre Line, Militia, and airborne operations.

Game includes a single map and 154 single-sided counters.

Though the Vietminh forces were not strong enough to face the French Army in open combat, they could, by limited actions and infiltration, frustrate and thwart a superior military force.

Examine the early struggle in Southeast Asia in this game, played with die-cut, Brigade-size counters on a three-color, 22x28" map.

The game ends when either player accumulates a high enough "victory point" score.

Rules cover bombardment, guerillas, militia, supply, air drops, reinforcements and replacements.

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