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Sidi Rezegh




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Theme:      WW2      Andy's Picks      2 Players     

 Excellent condition unpunched copy

In November 1941, the British 'Crusader' Operation was about to begin.

The plan called for the breakout of the besieged Tobruk garrison and a link up with the advancing 8th Army units approaching Tobruk from the Egyptian border.

Meanwhile, Rommel ignored the warnings of the Italian High Command and hoped he could deliver the knock out blow to Tobruk before the Allies made their next move.

If they did attack, he hoped he could deal them a swift counter-blow and still take the fortress of Tobruk.


The game uses brigade, division, and regiment sized units.

110 counters (2 of which are blanks).


Part of Excalibre's Panzer Battles and Sieges Series.

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