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Tannenberg: The Opening Guns, August 1914

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Very Good Condition, Punched Copy.

S&T #69 7/78

Briefings Editors
Data File: Logistics in the Age of Marlborough Editors
Data File: Neutron Bomb Editors
For Your Eyes Only Editors
Next War: Modern Conflict in Europe C. Kamps
Simulation: Tannenberg D. C. Isby, R. Simonsen

Subtitled "The Opening Guns, August 1914"

Opening moves between Germany and Russia on the east front feature von Hindenburg, Ludendorff and the amazing von Hoffman vs. two Russian generals who in the 3-player variant are famously not permitted to talk to one another during the game!

Somewhat controversial for its "iron maiden" victory conditions rules which simulation fans loved and gamers hated. Uses the same system as the Great War in the East quad. Contents: 34" x 22" map, 200 playing pieces.

Tannenberg & the Opening Battles in the East, Richard Spence.

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