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From the Cellar ASL Scenario Pack #12




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From the Cellar # 11 was definitely not supposed to be designed as a manual, but LFT is glad that Toby Pilling submitted his extensive article on the art of defending in ASL...after many years, it was finally published, and we have received a lot of emails and inquiries for a sequel, or better said, another manual explaining how to attack in ASL. So here you are :

FTC 12 : "Attacking in ASL, A Mid-Level Player’s Perspective".

You will find below the list of the scenarios of From the Cellar # 12. Be warned that there is not a single small scenario in this issue. A couple of medium ones, and all the rest are large to very large... and quite challenging for both sides. All of them can be played with VASL though, so you can resume your Seaborne assault peacefully with your favorite opponent without the need of installing the overlays again and again at each FtF session :-)

Please visit LFT's website for a detailed Scenario List:



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