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Horse & Musket: Horse & Matchlock (Prologue Expansion) (REDUX)




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Theme:      English CW      Multi Era     

2021 Redux Version

THIS IS AN EXPANSION. You need "Horse & Musket: Dawn of an Era" to play this game.

The original conception of Sean Chick’s Horse & Musket was a six-volume series that begins in the age of Eugene and Marlborough, takes us through the times of Frederick the Great, George Washington, and Napoleon, ending in the era of Grant and Sherman. Central to this concept was the idea that there was room for more - that fans of the series could expand upon Mr. Chick’s foundations and build in new and interesting directions. This idea reaches its fullest expression in Horse & Matchlock.

Mr. Chick’s system has been adapted by Johan Brattström to create a new “prelude” volume - with new unit types and firing procedures - that embodies the tactics and technologies of the era of Tilly and Gustavus Adolphus, Oliver Cromwell and Rupert of the Rhine, Condé and Turenne.

Mr. Brattström has designed twelve scenarios drawn from the great battles of the Thirty Years War, the Franco-Spanish War, Franco-Dutch War, and Scanian War. Mr. Chick’s long-standing interest in the Stuarts has resulted in ten battles from the English Civil Wars and Montrose’s campaigns in Scotland. Together these twenty-two scenarios provide many hours of enjoyment that give you a fuller picture of the later radical shifts in doctrine and advancements in armaments that would change how battles are fought, how wars are won, and how the fates of nations are decided.

The twenty-two scenarios in this set are:

White Mountain - November 8, 1620 - Last Stand of the Bohemian Revolt
Wimpfen - May 6, 1622 - Slow Grind to Victory
Fleurus - August 29, 1622 - "Altera Restat"
Lutter Am Barenberge - August 17, 1626 - Tilly's Greatest Victory
Breitenfeld - September 17, 1631 - Gustav II Adolf's Masterpiece
Lützen - November 17, 1632 - "I was the King of Sweden"
Edgehill - October 23, 1642 - "For God and King Charles"
Rocroi - May 19, 1643 - El Ultimo Tercio
First Newbury - September 20, 1643 - Essex's Finest Hour
Cheriton - March 29, 1644 - "The best shifter and choose of ground"
Marston Moor - July 2, 1644 - "…he will fight, whatever comes of 't!"
Aberdeen - September 13, 1644 - The Craibstane Rout
Auldearn - May 9, 1645 - Slaughter of Garlic Hill
Naseby - June 14, 1645 - "Will you go upon your Death?"
Kilsyth - August 15, 1645 - Slaughter Howe
Lens - August 20, 1648 - The Peace of Westphalia
Worcester - September 3, 1651 - The Royal Oak
The Dunes - June 11, 1658 - The Tides of Battle
Sinsheim - June 16, 1674 - Turenne Invades the Palatinate
Seneffe - August 11, 1674 - Condé's Last Bloody Hurrah
Lund - December 4, 1676 - The Return of the King
Landskrona - July 14, 1677 - The Småländska Peasantry Wins the Day



  • (264) 5/8" counters
  • 28 page Scenario Book
  • 8 page Module Rulebook
  • 4 page gatefold Player Aid
  • 9 Regimental Guns tokens
  • 34 Scenario Special Rule cards


Game Design: Sean Chick and Johan Brattström
Developer: Doug Miller
Art: Ilya Kudriashov
Hex Number: 45
Duration: 60 to 90 minutes
Players: 2
Solitaire Suitability: High
Theme: 17th Century
Series: Horse & Musket

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