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Aspern-Essling 1809 (2nd Edition)




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On April 24, 1809, Napoleon had proclaimed in Regensburg “ We will be in Vienna within a month! ". Although he captured the Austrian capital on May 13, the Emperor remained separated from the army of Archduke Charles by the Danube. To snatch a definitive victory, he must now force the passage of the river and beat the Austrians as quickly as possible. On May 20 in the middle of the afternoon, 200 aerialists of the Molitor division crossed the dead arm which separated the island of Lobau from the left bank of the Danube.

The next day, on a beautiful Pentecost Sunday, the French are 30,000 on the left bank, including 6,000 horsemen, ready to fight. Supported by the villages of Aspern and Essling and covered on the wings by the river, their starting positions were solid. For his part, the Archduke Charles decides to quickly attack to destroy the troops who have just crossed the Danube. It has more than 60,000 men, organized in five columns, and the Austrians will soon number 90,000. The battle underway, several temporary breaches of the bridges over the Danube prevent the French from receiving the reinforcements necessary for a victory. During the two days of May 21 and 22, the divisions commanded on the ground by Masséna and Lannes must then heroically resist a series of massive enemy attacks.

The victory is postponed, in less than three months, it will be Wagram


The game contains:

A main card 59 x 41 cm

216 pre-cut pawns and markers

1 rulebook

1 booklet of 4 scenarios

1 game aid

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