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Bloody Fields of Mollwitz




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Product Description

Theme:      Other C18     

"Bloody Fields Małujowice" is the first game in a tactical series titled "Battle of the Enlightenment." The game simulates the first battle of King Frederick II of Prussia.

The game uses the standard system hex and ten-chip and bones. The game is divided into stages, and these only on the activation phase cavalry commanders of the wings or the infantry. The same is treated hussars and field artillery (artillery battalion was 
reflected in the strength of infantry battalions).

Player in each activation: 
1) use supreme commander and runners for giving orders to subordinate commanders wings / line 
2) is activated towards the cavalry or infantry lines, which at first are moving and then lead the fight for weapons (infantry may alternatively attack bayonet or lead firing).

Inactive player can respond to the movement of the opponent kontrszarżami cavalry infantry reaction may be carried out in the fire. Also in the activation phase, the player reorganizes units broken.

The game is based on a system of orders. Each of the commanders of the wings / line must execute one of the commands available in the game. Orders can change leaders or chief, or commander of the wings themselves. The commander can execute the following commands: march, attack, stop.

In the scenario, the historical leader can perform two additional commands: Develop and march.

The game tries to capture the differences between the tactics of both armies, with particular emphasis on fire platoon led by the Prussian infantry.

Zone control works the same as in other games, except that the cavalry did not have to stop in the area of the front foot, 
however it can possibly react fire. The movement of affiliates looks the same as any other game system and chip hex.

The game distinguishes between fire fighting and attacks on white arms.

Fire fighting can lead infantry and artillery, and it is based on the current level of morale of the individuals leading the fire and the unit ostrzeliwanej. The result is a decrease of effective fire 
morale to fire. Attacks on cold weapons (batch cavalry and infantry attacks on bayonets) are based on a series of tests morale, first the attacker. In the event of a positive test result attacker test 
carried defender, and if this test and come out again testing the morale of the attackers.

Loss of morale marked with special chips. The decrease in morale to zero means shipwreck individual who does not fight and must be collected in order to be able to fight again.

The game presents four scenarios: 
- training - with a small amount of chips, but using all the rules book rules 
- historical - Prussians begin the game evolved, with the Austrian army game starts on the board just wing cavalry General Roemer, the remainder of the army enters during the game and must develop, 
- no hypothetical scenarios I and II - different spacing of the Austrian army (the Austrian army developed as in reality and in accordance with przedbitewnym order of battle).

The scale of the game: 
- 1 hex to 120 m, 
- one step is 30 minutes 
- 1 chip unit is a battalion / squadron cavalry (for hussars - two squads) and artillery battery.

Playing time: 2 - 7 hours. 
A game for 2 people from 12 years.

- one board A1-size color; 
- 432 punched chips; 
- the principles of the book (16 pages); 
- a book of scenarios; 
- Two sets of auxiliary card; 
- one ten-cube.

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