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Horse & Musket Annual #3




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Theme:      7YW / Revolution      Other C18      Magazines and Books     

The third annual scenario book for Sean Chick's Horse & Musket series brings twenty new battles to your table drawn from throughout the eras covered in the first five volumes. Ownership of the base game plus one or more expansions is required; ownership of all five will enable you to enjoy all twenty scenarios:


Battles marked with an "M" require Horse & Matchlock

"II" require Sport of Kings

"III", Crucible of War

"IV", Tides of Revolution

The battles are:


Thionville (M)

Tippermuir (M)

Bysjön (M)

Inverlochy (M)

Belgrade (II)

Piacenza (II)

Reichenberg (II, III)

Moys (III, IV)

Burkersdorf (III, IV)

Hubbardton (IV)

Monmouth (III, IV)

First Savannah (IV)

Kettle Creek (III, IV)

Second Savannah (IV)

Hobkirk's Hill (IV)

Amstelveen (III, IV)

The Wabash (IV)

Fallen Timbers (II, III, IV)

Montenotte (IV)

Lodi (IV)

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