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Korea: The Mobile War

Number: 111




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Theme:      Post WW2      Magazines and Books      2 Players      Operational     

Korea is a regimental/divisional level game of the first year of the UN Operations in 1950-51. One player commands the units of the Korean People's Army and the allied Chinese People's Liberation Army; the other player controls the Republic of Korea armed forces and the allied U.N. coalition Army containing U.S., British, Philippine, Turkish, Canadian, and Thai forces.

Included are a 22" X 34" map sheet, 200 counters (units and markers) and a 12 page rulebook.

Multiple historical and 'what if?' scenarios are provided, each with its own victory conditions, usually based on points gained by the KPA/PLA player for controlling certain geographical areas.

S&T #111 7/85

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