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Rally Point: ASL Scenario Pack - Special Study II of the Korean War

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Latest 2019 issue of Rally Point (#17).

Rally Point Volume 17: Special Study II of the Korean War is a set of 10 all new scenarios that are set in the 1950-1951 period of the Korean War. Each scenario was handmade and play-tested to the high standard players expect from the Tampa ASL Group’s fine craftsmen and is presented in Schwerpunkt’s easy-to-read format on high-quality, collector grade, coated card stock. Included also is Mike Augustine’s outstanding new CPVA Guide. This full color, double-sided, quick reference card will greatly facilitate learning the nuances of CPVA rules. After you get this CVPA guide, you will never play the CPVA without it.

RPT161 21 Cans of Beer – Near TAEGOK, South Korea, 2 September 1950: Elements of the American 9th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division conduct a desperate defense on the hills on board 50 against a reinforced infantry company from the KPA 9th Division. Parachute dropped supplies may help the Americans to hang on. Mike Augustine designed this 5 turn scenario that also uses boards 15, 47 and 69.

RPT162 Armor at Kumch’on – KUMCH’ON, South Korea 24 September 1950: This 5.5 turn scenario set on board 10a and 11a depicts the largest tank verses tank action in which the M-46 tank participated during the Korean War. Here, the 6th Tank Battalion and supporting infantry must clear the KPA 849th Anti-tank Regiment and seven T-34/85 tanks from the village on board 10a. 

RPT163 Seoul Searching – SEOUL, South Korea, 26 September 1950: This 5.5 turn scenario set on board 45 and 51 is the promised sequel to RPT147 Fish to Fry. This action portrays the Battle of the Barricades during which Colonel Chesty Puller’s 1st Marine Regiment fought block-by-block with M-26 and Sherman flame tanks to eliminate the KPA 78th Independent Infantry Regiment from the city center and liberate Seoul.

RPT164 Let’s Shoot the S.O.B.’s – HOKKYO-RI 19 October 1950:  Here’s a rare gem, a Deluxe ASL scenario from the Tampa ASL Group. This is an extremely fast-playing, 3.5 turn tournament level action that features a BAZ 50 armed platoon from the American 5th Cavalry Regiment defending a small hill against six and a half KPA squads and three T-34/85s. Set on Deluxe boards k and l, this scenario is just for you Bill Stoppel!

RPT165 Rangers Lead the Way- North of Ipsok, North Korea 25 November 1950: Living legend, Ranger Ralph Puckett leads the 8th Army Ranger Company and a platoon of Sherman tanks in a daring armored assault on a round, level 4 hill to clear the CPVA 347th Regiment from its trenches. This fast-playing 4.5 turn, tournament scenario is set on boards 15 and 81.

RPT166 We Are Friends- HOENGSONG, Korea, 12 February 1951: A detachment infantry and six Sherman tanks from the American 2nd Infantry Division are attacked on three sides along a snowbound road by a horde (27 squads) of bugle blowing Commies from the CPVA 117th Division. Can the Netherlands Battalion arrive in time to stem the red tide? Mike Augustine designed this action-packed, 6.5 turn, thriller that that will test your knowledge of the CPVA rules. This scenario uses boards 66, 80 and 82.

RPT167 Meatchoppers with Knives – CHIPYONG-NI, Korea, 15 February 1951: Elements of the CPVA 126th Division is attacking (with 23) squads to clear a village defended by the United Nations French Battalion supported by two M-16 MGMCs. A French bayonet charge may be the key to victory for the UN. Mike Augustine designed this action packed, 6-turn scenario set on boards 44, 57, 61, and 70.

RPT168 Belgians and Centurions – YULP’P-RI, South Korea, 4 April 1951: Elements of the CPVA 188th Division are conducting a reconnaissance mission when they run into a detachment of the UN Belgian Battalion and Centurion tanks that are also conducting a reconnaissance operation. This tense meeting engagement does not require players to know/use IPM or many of the more exotic CPVA rules, so it is perfect beginner scenario for those who want to learn how to play the Communist Chinese. This 5.5 turn scenario set on board 11a.

RPT169 The Big Bugout – SACHANG-RI, South Korea, 22 April 1951: The CPVA 60th Division is conducting a massive, two-pronged attack (with 29 squads) against the ROK 6th Division. The panicked ROK units are in headlong flight to the rear. The ROKs must break out of their ridgeline defense before they are completely cut off. This is a 5.5 turn scenario with lots of movement for both sides that is played on boards 5a, 58, 10b and 78.

RPT170 Fighting Filipinos – YEONCHEON, South Korea, 23 April 1951:  Hugh Downing designed this tight, tournament-level scenario that features 17 squads from the CPVA 34th Division attacking to clear a village and a hill defended by Captain Conrado Yap and his company of infantry from the UN 10th Philippine Battalion Combat Team. Make sure you pull the OUNC 9-2 Cpt. Yap counter (yes, there really is one in the counter mix) for this thrilling, 5.5 turn action set on boards 61 and 70.

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