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Army of Roussillon Les Folies d'Espagne: The War of the Grand Alliance in Spain, 1689-1697




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Theme:      7YW / Revolution      Pre-Order      1 to 2 Players     

Available for Pre-Order.

In Army of Roussillon, you will have a chance to change history – and even if you cannot, perhaps you can win enough glory to write your name in the history books.


As the French, will you pursue a hearts and minds strategy, or try for all out conquest? Will you occupy territory or make surgical strikes aided by your fleet? (Be warned, the family that runs the Ministry of Marine is at odds with the family that runs the Ministry

of War.) The French Army is state-of-the-art. You have more artillery, the latest equipment (bayonets instead of pikes), and access to an administrative machine capable of supporting nearly 500,000 men.


But you command a secondary front. Versailles will forever be taking regiments away from you, forcing you to rely on local militia and even Catalan renegades. If you garrison every post, you will be too weak to go on the offensive. If you give up captured fortresses to concentrate, the local population will believe you are weak and rise against you. If you do nothing, you will lose the respect of the Sun King and the Court ladies.


As the Spanish, can you keep the French at bay? Or can you damage them enough to try a counter-invasion of Roussillon? Will the English send their fleet and land troops to aid you? Or, will the Holy Roman Emperor divert his attention from the Turks long enough to spare you some Imperial regiments?


The Spanish Army, led by a succession of viceroys who often found themselves more in conflict with the local Catalan government than with the French, is a motley collection of regular regiments (the "tercios"), decent cavalry, poorly motivated and equipped militia, and mercenaries. Spain’s best assets are her guerrillas, the "migueletes," assisted by vigilante bands known as "somatén," and the mountainous Catalan terrain.



SCENARIOS: 9 Minor & 1 Major Campaign



-3 hours for Minor Scenario

-2 Days for Campaign Scenario

AGE: 14+



  • 2 maps
  • 600 game pieces
  • 2 rulebooks
  • A historical commentary book
  • 1 set of display cards

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