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Axis & Allies (plus Europe at War and Russia at War)




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Axis & Allies

Axis and Allies is the most successful of Milton Bradley's Gamemaster series.

It depicts WWII on a grand scale, full global level. Up to five players can play on two different teams. The Axis which has Germany and Japan, and the Allies which has the USA, the United Kingdom, and the USSR. A full map of the world is provided, broken up in various chunks similar to Risk. The game comes with gobs of plastic miniatures that represent various military units during WWII. Players have at their disposal infantry, armor, fighters, bombers, battleships, aircraft carriers, submarines, troop transports, anti-air guns, and factories. All of the units perform differently and many have special functions. Players have to work together with their teammates in order to coordinate offenses and decide how best to utilize their production points. Players also have the option of risking production resources on the possibility of developing a super technology that might turn the tide of war.

Europe at War

Europe at War is a multi-player game that is a simulation of World War II in Europe. One or two players play the side of the Axis Powers and one or three players play the side of the Allied Powers. The object for the Axis Players is to conquer Europe while the Allied Players must try to stop them.

In order to achieve their goals, the players have at their disposal playing pieces that represent infantry, tanks, planes, bombers and various types of combat vessels. These pieces are built by each player in accordance to the amount of money the player has available and to the force pool available. During each turn, all players have the opportunity to move, to perform combat and to built additional units.


Russia at War

The Russia at War expansion includes :

  • New charts and set up for a 1941 starting time.
  • Additional Russian playing pieces.
  • Additional German and Italian playing pieces.
  • Additional playing pieces used for partisans and Neutral Countries.
  • Printed play money and additional mini-chips.

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