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Theme:      Pre-Owned      Andy's Picks      WW3      Un-Punched      2 Players     

Very good unpunched copy, content is in great condition well looked after by previous owner, box has some ware to it and old sellotape marks.

ChieftainThe British Army of the Rhine, provides a complete array of British equipment and maneuver units, from Chieftain and Challenger tanks through MCV-80 and Saxon APCs. Not only are the well-equipped forward elements presented, but the light security elements that form BAOR's vital reinforcements are included as well. Chieftain also presents the Netherlands Army, with its uniquely organized and equipped units. Accompanying aviation and engineering assets link Chieftain directly to Bundeswehr and Boots & Saddles."

Chieftain was the third Assault Series module, and it required Assault or Boots & Saddles to play.

The Assault game system used 250 meter hexes, 5 minute turns, and platoon/section sized units. The other games/modules in the series were: Assault: Tactical Combat in Europe – 1985Boots & Saddles, An Assault Series Module, Bundeswehr (Bundeswehr: Nato's Front Line), and Reinforcements (Reinforcements: New U.S. and Soviet Units for Assault). One additional module, Close Air Support, was announced but apparently never released.

Game Content:
Three countersheets (480 5/8" counters) 
Two 17 x 22" maps (Assault Series Maps G & H)
One 16 page additional rules booklet
Two player aid charts

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