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Kasseribe: Baptism of Fire, February 1943 (Folio Edition)




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Theme:      WW2      Pre-Owned      Andy's Picks      Punched      1 to 2 Players     

 Very Good Punched Copy

Part of the 'Four Battles in North Africa' quad. This was also sold in 'Folio' form in case some folks just wanted specific games covering their 'favorite' battle(s).

The components consist of the following: a 'Standard' Rules fold-out 'sheet' (about 3-Full pages) for the game series; an 'Exclusive' Rules sheet(1-page); a 4-COLOR paper Mapsheet-(17" by 22"); a set of cardboard counters (one hundred); and players must provide their OWN 6-sided DIE prior to play.

On the Mapsheet are the Turn Record Track, a Terrain Key, and the set-up locations for the Units of both the 'Campaign' & 'Sidi Rezegh' games. Overall, the COLOR of the Mapsheet is WHITE with BLUE (Water/Sea, Allied 'Fortified Box', Minefield Hex-sides), BROWN- (Rough), Light GRAY- (Broken), & Dark BROWN- (Roads, Trails).

Kasserine is a simulation of the dramatic Axis offensive in Tunisia during February of 1943.

The target of this carefully timed operation was the U.S. II Corps. 

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