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The Seven Years War in Europe

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Sebastien Vauban Kevin Carson

Simulation: Seven Years War Joseph Miranda

Seven Years War is a simulation of the war between Prussia and a Coalition of European states, 1756-1764, published in Strategy & Tactics #163 (Sep 1993). While militarily a stalemate, the war consolidated Prussia's dominance of central Europe until its defeat at Jena in 1806.

The game is designed for two players or two teams. One player or team controls the Prussian Allied side, the other runs the Coalition side. The objective is to gain control of as many central European fortress cities as possible without destroying the international balance of power. Each side has a number of military units with which to attack enemy forces and gain control of Fortresses. The rules consist of a Standard Game that gives a relatively simple but historically valid game, and an Advanced Game providing a more complete historical simulation.

Errata and Q&A for 7YW were published in Strategy & Tactics #s 165, 166, 167, and 169.
Additional counters for 7YW were included in Strategy & Tactics #s 170 and 171. 
7YW also received extensive coverage in Moves #79.

The Seven Years War in Europe Joseph Miranda

Weapons of the American Civil War... Stephen Fratt

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