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Red Star White Star (1979) (MechWar 2)




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Excellent condition with punched counters - This comes with no box


A tactical level simulation of hypothetical combat between NATO and Soviet troops in Germany in the 1980's. Part of the MechWar 2 series, which also includes Suez to Golan. Includes 800 counters, two large unmounted maps, and standard MechWar 2 and exclusive Red Star/White Star rulebooks with 12 scenarios. The MechWar 2 rulebook includes an essay, "Mechanized Warfare in the 1980's", written by Charles Kamps, Jr.

"MechWar 2: Red Star / White Star explores the dimensions of mechanized hypothetical combat between invading Soviet units and NATO forces defending Germany, with 12 complete scenarios provided. A comprehensive guide to scenario design is enclosed, enabling the player to create his own scenarios. The combat counters represent, with great attention to accuracy, the size and strengths of those units actually guarding the battle lines in Europe today. Their positioning, movement, and engagement for battle over the beautifully detailed maps, featuring authentic terrain, are regulated by a superimposed hexagonal grid, functioning like a chessboard's squares. Simple probability charts reveal each combat's outcome.

Contains: 1 standard rules booklet; 1 exclusive rules booklet; two 22" x 34" soft maps; 800 die-cut cardboard playing pieces; and various play aids.

Level of Complexity: High
Average Playing Time: 3 to 25 hours
Suitability for Solitaire Play: Moderate"

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